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  • We work with Ariadna, the national research panel in Poland, comprising over 80,000 registered Polish consumers aged 15–65. Before joining the panel, each candidate is verified. Full anonymity and confidentiality of personal data is guaranteed.
  • Thanks to registration procedures used, the collected data are credible and reliable and the panel guarantees that real people with specific identities take part in each study. This distinguishes panel studies from ad hoc online surveys and polls among accidental users.
  • As a consumer panel, Ariadna excludes studies based on random selection where respondents are invited on an ad hoc basis through pop-ups displayed online to an unknown audience, through mass mailing campaigns or web polls. Ariadna ensures that only reliable and credible surveys are conducted.
  • The Ariadna panel can be used to conduct nearly any type of opinion and market survey. Moreover, such surveys can be conducted much more quickly, and are less costly than traditional solutions such as PAPI, CAPI or CATI. The panel is also an excellent way to meet client demands when time pressure is an important factor.

Demographic structure of the panel

Recruitment to Ariadna is conducted on an ongoing basis. The demographic profile of the population registered in the panel matches the profile of Polish Internet users aged 15–65.

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