In our work, we focus mostly on assisting our Clients in making difficult decisions. We are a research boutique, established by Dominika Maison, who is an authority figure in consumer research, a highly appreciated marketing research practitioner with over 20 years of experience, as well as an author of academic course books, popular science books and articles on the subject. We offer state-of-the-art tools as well as established instruments. We use advanced and non-standard qualitative methodologies as well as cutting-edge physiological measurements (eye-tracking, face-tracking, EEG, response times). Our recommendations are aligned with current market realities. We read between the lines and search between the words, always going beyond respondents’ declarations. We conduct offline and online projects, focusing in quality rather than quantity. We select methodologies to make sure that research material gathered during a project will provide our Clients with clear and coherent answers. We will tailor our solutions to your needs. With us, you will achieve success without bearing the risk.

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Find out who the users of your category are. We will provide you with information about their lifestyles, brands around them, authorities they trust, channels of information they access on a daily basis, values which they profess in everyday life and their expectations towards your category. As a result, you will find out which target group will be optimal for your product/brand and how to position it to win consumer appreciation. 

segmentQuantitative segmentation studies

Segmentation studies subdivide consumers into various segments based on psychographic variables and an extensive lifestyle component. This helps marketers to ensure precise positioning for their products and communication.

What do customers really expect from your brand or product? What are their needs in the category? What should be done for your product to address those needs? Answers to these questions will help you gain a competitive advantage. The market is constantly changing, and all brands and products have to change as well. It is worthwhile knowing your consumers’ needs and monitoring them. With our recommendations, you will attain sustained success.

konfrontacjeConfrontation workshop

This method helps to analyse drivers and barriers (as well as changes in opinions) through confrontation of users of competitive brands under conditions which enhance in-group identification (the so-called minimal group paradigm).

bulletinBulletin Boards

These are closed online forums where users present their habits related to the category, e.g. a product, a service or a sales channel. They post photos and films, and answer our questions.

wagaQuantitative studies of category drivers and barriers

These studies are conducted on large samples of category users. They provide information on how people use and buy products from the category of interest. In addition, market niches for new products can be sought.


Ethnographic research is conducted in consumers’ worlds: in their homes and immediate surrounding. With this approach, we can talk to them but also watch their behaviours in a natural context. This approach is necessary if we need in-depth exploration of people’s needs and motivations, their lifestyles, aspirations and values. Ethnography provides unique, in-depth insights which we will then use during workshops, helping Clients to build brand positioning models and communication ideas.
Before you invest in a concept, it is a good idea to check how your concept is viewed by potential customers. Concept tests represent a real challenge and a responsible task for researchers. We test concepts at any stage of their development. Ultimately, we want to be 100% sure that your concept is good and stands a chance on the competitive market. Contact us if you want to test your product, service or advertising spot. Our Clients include leaders in their respective industries.

cocreationConcept generation (co-creation) workshop

We use creativity-enhancing techniques to support our Clients in developing new concepts for products, pack designs, services, brand activations and optimal channels/touchpoints to reach target groups. Participants of such sessions include purposefully selected members of the target group (consumers of products and services) who are creative and engaged in the category.

konceptBrand positioning and concept writing workshop

During those workshops we analyse attributes, benefits and values associated with a brand/product and then align them with consumer needs and add a corresponding RTB (reason to believe). In this way, we create coherent brand positioning models and positioning concepts, i.e. brand propositions expressed in consumer language. A number of such propositions are created during a workshop session, and they are then presented to consumers. Together, we fine-tune the versions, and select the one which is most appealing and engaging.

wagaConcept Lab

This is a qualitative method aimed to assess and then optimise your concepts. Concept Lab involves a few discussion groups with respondents and mini-workshops with Clients in-between. The process is based on the sequential recycling technique: respondents’ reactions to tested concepts during group discussions are used to optimise the concepts on an ongoing basis. This bilateral collaboration is very fruitful. With our Concept Lab, you will find out if your product has any potential and, if so, you will learn how to improve it.

iloscioweConcept Tester

This tool tests concepts for standout, fit to needs and purchase intent. Based on experimental research design, we can find out how a new product/service concept may influence the image of your brand.
Nowadays, consumers encounter up to five thousand advertising messages a day. No wonder it is so difficult to develop advertising communication which will engage customers and, at the same time, boost brand awareness and usage. If you want your advertising message not only to be noticed but also to influence your sales, we can offer solutions which have been successfully applied by our Clients.

bigideasBig Ideas Workshop (development of communication platforms)

During those intensive creative sessions we work with Clients, strategists and advertising agencies to develop appealing and relevant communication platforms. We work together to set directions, develop communication ideas and prepare guidelines for communication briefs. 

Ad Mechanic

This tool, used to test advertising copies, combines the measurement of physiological indicators (EEG) with in-depth qualitative analysis.
If people only wanted to buy the cheapest products, they would shop at discount stores and nowhere else. However, rational drivers, such as low prices, do not always play a decisive role. We will provide you with information on the emotions which customers attach to your brand, product or point of sale. We will also tell you what your competitors are doing to lure your potential consumers away. With that knowledge, you will understand the strengths and weaknesses of your brand image and will know how to react.

ramRAM (Relevant Awereness Measurement)

This tool is used for quantitative measurement of brand image. It helps us to explore how consumers automatically associate brands with various attributes (the level of automated reactions is measured through response times). This methodology was developed in collaboration with Universal McCann based on scientific knowledge on automated processes. The method received the Impactor 2011 award for the Research Project of the Year.

cstCustomer Satisfaction Tracking (CST)

CST is a cyclical measurement of customer satisfaction with products or services offered by a brand in the context of competitive brands. CST offers systematic measurement of perception of our products and brand health in contrast with competitors.
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